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Hosting is often the most neglected aspect of an effective web presence. It is imperative that you choose reliable secure web hosting.

What do you expect from your host?

Is it really "Free Web hosting and Advertising"?

Free web hosting usually places advertising banners or pop-ups on your pages.

In effect your site is a medium to drive your customers to a third party service.

If you don't mind offering free ads for another company a free host may be an option.

Note: Free hosting companies that do not generate enough income to keep the servers running can shut down without notice.

Inexpensive Paid Hosting

The cost of hosting will depend on the size of your pages and the content they contain.

Websites that are image heavy or contain videos will increase the necessary space and bandwidth to ensure continued and proper display of those elements.

When deciding on a web host you will want to consider future expansion options for your site.

Site Access

The most efficient method of uploading files to your website is by using and FTP program.

FTP is short for file transfer protocol. FTP access is vital for uploading a large number of files and quick changes to individual files.

File Types

Some hosting companies limit the size and type of files you can store on their server.

Executable files, movies and videos will consume a large amount of space and can pose security issues for other websites sharing your hosting server.

Note: Attempting to host Trojans, viruses, and other malicious software can get your site deleted from the host.

Hosting Speed and Reliability

These elements will determine how quickly your site is displayed to viewers.

Having a reliable host means your site is available 24/7/365.

Coding Language Support

The web languages your host supports can limit the type of applications that can be executed on your website.

Most hosting companies support most coding languages such as XHTML, PHP, Java, Visual Basic, Perl, JavaScript, and content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Blogger.

Visual Perceptions provides quality web hosting for your web presence so you won't have to worry about security or missing visitors from server down time.

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