Portfolio of Print Work

Cheesecake Factory Ads

2007 Cheesecake Factory Ad 2007 Cheesecake Factory Menu Fresno, CA
Full page, high gloss advertisement.

The Cheesecake Factory is a nationwide chain. These ads were in the Fresno, CA franchise. They were in the menu for the entire year.

This ad uses an Aveda model that was cut out of the background and placed on this one, then the text was set in on top of her.

2006 Cheesecake Factory Ad

2006 Cheesecake Factory Menu Fresno, CA
Full page, high gloss quality advertisement was nested in the pages of the menu along with other prestigious ads such as Mercedes, DeVons Fine Jewelers, Acura, etc.

The image started with just a head shot of the Aveda model, nothing more. The rest of the image from her hair down was intricately hand painted using Photo shop to extend down into the bottom of the ad.

Business Cards

Link to the City Link to the City's logo was designed with the concept of linking circles representing a link between the consumer and businesses with Link to the City as the center link as a go between to help consumers save money when shopping at businesses.
VPerceptions Visual Perceptions is our own take on the positive beauty of creativity and design. By using various opacity on the layers of affirmative text we have created a cloud of positivity that allows the background of stars and the world to be seen.
Black Hills Reporting Black Hills Reporting

Black Hills Reporting uses a split image. The pine branch changes colors at the curve where the two background colors meet from white over green to green over white. The green curve in the upper left was hand painted to blend the gradients from the left side up into the top.

202020 Diet 202020 Diet wanted a simple business card that represents diet and weight loss at a glance, branding with images from their website for a uniform look.
Amenities Amenities Spa Salon logo was designed with the elegance and class representative of this high end Aveda Day Spa.

The logo we created is now used in every aspect of their business branding including the custom retail location signs.

Visual Perceptions is very proud to have been able to be such an integral part in the development of branding for such a successful and growing company.

Amenities Back of Business Card The back of Amenities Spa main business card is a standard style providing easy to see business contact information while reinforcing the business branding.
Amenities Staff Business Card Each Amenities professional has their own single sided staff business card providing information on their services and location.
Center Stage entertainment Center Stage Entertainment's logo was designed with careful attention to the desires of the client. We helped bring their vision to reality.

The logo has numerous layers overlaying each other with color, gradients, images, filters, text and more blended together to create this finished image.

Center Stage Entertainment is a Karaoke/DJ company local to Rapid City, SD. They requested specific colors and were looking for an image resembling a vinyl record.

The finished logo is now used on their web site, business cards, songbook covers, desktop images and more.


Brochures 1 Discount Promo
This is the front and back of a folding brochure. The front uses an Aveda model cut and layered over a marble background custom designed at the client’s request.

The text layout, on the back of the brochure, was given to us in a word document. We were asked to fit all the text in the brochure in a specific order implementing the leaf from the Amenities logo as the bulletted list image.

Brochures 2Discount Promo
The client requested a specific look and feel for this brochure. This project was done completely by hand with each line being a new layer and measuring the proper placement of each.
Brochures 3 Embrace the Gift of Nature
Other folding brochures we have done for Amenties were laid out using multiple columns. This brochure was again designed to the client’s needs and specifications, fitting all the elements into the pages using various layers and arranging them appropriately together for this print project.
Brochures 4 Embrace the Gift of Nature
This is the inside of the above brochure. Using single and multiple column layouts.
Brochures 5 Embrace the Gift of Nature
This facials insert goes in the above brochure. It was made using the same styles of text layers setting each one in its proper place carefully changing the sizing and style for conformity.